The Alliance of Albanians promptly rejected the offer from VMRO-DPMNE that Macedonia adopts the Croatian model of a Constitution that will include the Bulgarian minority. Croatia has a long list of minorities acknowledged in the Constitution, but at the start, the Preamble clearly states that it is the nation state of the Croats.

VMRO leader Hristijan Mickoski made the offer tongue in cheek, after Government officials and media outlets affiliated with the Government kept pointing out to the large number of minorities in the Croatian Preamble as a positive example. But Albanian parties are strongly invested in having an even stature to that of the Macedonians and will not accept declaring Macedonia as the Macedonian nation state. The Alliance of Albanians cited the dubious results of the recent census to underline their point.

The time of domination of one ethnic group in Macedonia is over and there is not coming back. The Macedonians constitute 54 percent of the country and the Albanians are at 30 percent. Put together we are not at 90 percent, as the Croats are in Croatia. Reducing the Albanians to a national minority shows that the mentality of VMRO-DPMNE has regressed decades back in time, the AA party said.