The Alliance of Albanians dismissed Zoran Zaev’s proposals for a minor Government reconstruction as driven by his lack of courage to confront the worst members of his Government.

The Prime Minister has no courage to free himself from the partisan gangsters who are occupying the institutions. The officials who had nepotism charges remain in the Government. The incompetent ministers who didn’t deliver on the promised results are still in the Government. Those who signed no-bid contracts with purposely created companies or gave money to their own companies are still in the Government, the opposition Albanian party said in a press release.

AA is outspoken in its criticism of Zaev’s main Albanian coalition partner, the DUI party, which it blames for crimes and corruption. Zaev promised a substantial purge of his most incompetent and corrupt ministers after the dismal result his coalition had during the presidential elections, but in the end, the changes turned to be mostly on the surface.