Albanian language Alsat TV reports that it’s possible that Justice Minister Renata Deskoska will return to the Education Ministry, to make way for the Albanian DUI party to take back the Justice Ministry.

According to the TV station this will be one of the main Government restructuring moves by Zoran Zaev, who promised to purge corrupt and incompetent officials from SDSM and DUI party ranks. A total of 15 officials from various levels will be removed or rolled over, and Alsat believes this may include Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov.

Other changes may include Damjan Mancevski as Minister in charge for the public administration and Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce. The TV station reports that there is a feud inside DUI over who will get the newly proposed Ministry for Political System and Inter-Community Relations, which is expected to deal mainly with Albanian national issues. The Kumanovo wing of the party holds two seats in the Government, which caused the Tetovo wing to demand the new Ministry.