The highest party body of Alternativa is to make Saturday the final decision whether the party will join the Government and whether its four MPs will be part of the parliamentary majority. The party spokesperson Orhan Murtezani announced that the session of the Central Council of Alternative is scheduled for 19:00 h in Tetovo, and the decision will be announced after.

This decisive meeting of the Central Council of Alternative was preceded by three meetings of the party leader, Afrim Gashi, with the resigned Prime Minister and leader of SDSM, Zoran Zaev. After their last meeting on Wednesday, the Government announced that the necessary consultations in SDSM and Alternative are expected to be realized by the end of this week and to ensure the necessary coordination for a possible joint government.

According to the government press service, at the previous meetings, they agreed over the program part of the possible future cooperation of Alternative in the Government, and consultations were underway for cabinet positions.