US Ambassador to Macedonia Kate Byrnes tweeted out her condemnation of the incident in the US Congress and welcomed its condemnation by Macedonian political parties.

There can be no excuse for acts of political violence like Wednesday’s assault on the United States Capitol. This attack against one of the world’s greatest symbols of the power and potential of democratic government reminds us of the importance of protecting democracy and the institutions that represent the best hope for peaceful progress throughout the world. While we value freedom of speech and the right to peaceful protest, these fundamental rights should never be perverted into lawlessness and violence against democracy itself. It is comforting that these acts of violence were uniformly condemned throughout U.S. and across the world & within hours, our Congress confirmed the election of Biden as next U.S. President, and President Trump promised an orderly and seamless transition of power on January 20. I am grateful for the expressions of concern and support from friends and partners in North Macedonia who have conveyed their continued faith in the strength and resiliency of American democracy. I know that we will emerge stronger and better in the days ahead, the Ambassador said in her tweet string.