French Ambassador to Macedonia Christian Thimonier said that France supports the integration of Macedonia into the EU, but would not commit to supporting the opening of accession talks in October.

You will say that the European Commission has prepared positive reports on a number of occasions, for this and the preceding Government, that recommended the opening of accession talks, but then each EU member state, including France, need to see how that applies to the objective criteria for EU entry. There should be no drama over the date. Your case is special, the goal is clear, we all want you in the EU, but we need to see which would be the best time frame and the best path to get there. Maybe the best technical solution is that you are not placed on an endless route just because the goal is to get a date, and to determine what to do next later, Ambassador Thimonier said.

France is the main opponent to the opening of accession talks with Macedonia, citing failures in the rule of law and the threat of watering down the EU and making it even more unruly. The Zaev Government demands the opening of accession talks in October, as a reward for the imposed name change, but the growing corruption scandals are undermining its case.