VMRO-DPMNE official Antonio Milososki asked the European Union to respond to the attempt by the ruling SDSM party to use a procedure designed specifically to adopt laws that bring Macedonia closer to the EU to amend that drug law in a way that benefits Zoran Zaev’s family businesses. The Zaev family is one of the main operators in the highly regulated marijuana business and his SDSM party is now pushing changes that would allow companies to export the marijuana bud, and not just cannabis oil.

Milososki raised the issue during a conference that included EU Ambassador to Macedonia Samuel Zbogar. The so-called “European flag procedure” allows expediting the debate on the law through Parliament and reducing the time available for discussion.

We have clearly set out criteria for the use of the European flag procedure, but the Government is abusing it to adopt the marijuana law. And the EU delegation is silent on the issue, Milososki told Zbogar.

The Ambassador did not respond directly to Milososki’s comments. VMRO-DPMNE recently revealed details about of of marijuana plantations in Macedonia, enabled by the Zaev regime, who are never the less exporting almost no cannabis oil. This raised suspicions that they are producing dried marijuana buds for sale on the black market.

Zaev’s party pushed for the urgent changes that would legalize selling dried marijuana flowers in October, the same time when the country was focused on getting the EU to approve the opening of accession talks.