The ambassadors of France and Germany did not comment on the chaotic session of the Macedonian Parliament yesterday, where an opposition representative was apparently prevented from casting a vote of no confidence in the Zaev Government. The vote was planned on Armistice Day, even the hour when the session was supposed to begin was set at 11, but when it became clear that BESA representative Kastriot Rexhepi is missing, chaos ensued.

Ambassadors Cyril Bomgartner and Anke Holstein visited a WW1 cemetery near Bitola, a city that was devastated by the fighting along the Macedonian Front between the Central Powers and the Allies. Holstein and Bomgartner told the press that they would not enter into discussions about the political situation in Macedonia and would rather talk about reconciliation between France and Germany.

The events in the Parliament deepened the political crisis, with clear indications that an opposition representative was prevented by the Zaev regime from voting. Even Zaev himself looked uneasy with the situation that seemed to be driven by his DUI coalition partner, that rejected Zaev’s offer of resignation and insists that he remains in place while talks are on-going with Bulgaria, in which Macedonia is asked to accept another long list of claims on its national identity and history, surpassing those made by Greece with the 2018 Prespa Treaty.