Sanctions Team from Washington here to take a more aggressive look at past and current corrupt actors, and to consider all possible responses. Macedonia’s justice sector needs more investigations, prosecutions to show that no one is above the law, US Ambassador Angela Aggeler said on Twitter.

After Macedonia solved the existential issues, it will commit to suppressing corruption, as the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani said.

The Foreign Minister indicated at a press briefing that the state has resolved its existential issues, consolidated itself internally in terms of functional democracy and inter-ethnic relations, fixed its relations with its neighbors, established itself internationally.

Now corruption remains, said Osmani as an introduction to what is obviously to come.

US Ambassador Angela Aggeler warned several times after taking office that corruption is one of the biggest problems for the country’s development.

In the last few days, the same was emphasized by the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and Special Representative for the Balkans, Gabriel Escobar, who announced that sanctions are foreseen for corrupt officials from the Balkans who will be removed from responsible positions.

And the German ambassador to the country, Anke Holstein, emphasized that many things need to be done in this field.

We are still ready to support Macedonia in addressing corruption and we all agree that it is a particularly difficult task ahead. And this does not only apply to politicians, but to all people. Everyone needs to understand that when they go to the doctor, they shouldn’t put money in the doctor’s coat, or the teacher should know that she shouldn’t get a gift for March 8, so that the student gets a better grade, says Holstein.