At Thursday’s press conference, the director of the CMC Stojance Angelov and his associates said that there are active fires throughout the country, but still the most risky are those in the Delcevo – Pehcevo region, Kumanovo and Prilep where there are 18 fires.

Angelov urges the citizens to evacuate if they accidentally find themselves near a fire.

The situation is changing from minute to minute, and the dry vegetation, high temperatures and wind have contributed to the rapid spread of existing fires and the emergence of new hotspots. That is why I urge all citizens who will find themselves in a place where the fire is moving towards them, it can happen to anyone, even to those citizens who are now far from the fires, because the fires are spreading with strange speed. There are even moments when those fires start at once, at several locations. The police are working to find the causes. Run, evacuate, human life is priceless, said the director of the CMC.