Albanian organizations plan another protest against the sentencing of the group of islamists who carried out the 2012 Good Friday massacre.

The protest begins in Skopje’s Cair district at 13:30h, after the Friday prayers. The crowd will march toward the courthouse and then the Government. Police officers and journalists were injured during the previous such protest on February 26th.

Albanians largely dispute the sentencing of the murderers of four ethnic Macedonian youngsters and one man, which was apparently carried out with the goal of sparking a new inter-ethnic and inter-religious war in Macedonia. The numerous conspiracy theories spread in Albanian language media over the case were enflamed when Zoran Zaev, during his 2015 Colored Revolution, claimed that he has new evidence in the case and blamed it on the then ruling VMRO-DPMNE party. Zaev was successful in bringing Albanian voters toward his party and also in blocking VMRO from forming a coalition with Albanian parties, and years later admitted that he has no new evidence to offer in the case. But his reckless lying is now driving a movement to release the detained group of islamists – two of whom have been in flight since 2012.