The Kovacevski Government is facing a new rift after a member of the most recent addition to its coalition – the Alternative party – proposed going back to opposition. Skender Rexhepi – Zejdi from the Alternative party told TV21 that the coalition this party formed with SDSM and DUI in December is not delivering.

– We are not satisfied with the work of the Government. I am not satisfied with the implementation of what we promised before we joined the coalition. We promised to advance the EU accession talks – and nothing came of it. We promised concrete projects that will work for the citizens – nothing. I am not satisfied. Promises from our coalition partner SDSM were not met. If we continue in this way, our party will go the way of DPA and PDP, Rexhepi said, naming two once powerful Albanian parties which are now almost defunct.

The Government would not be able to survive without the Alternative votes. This party was allied with the Alliance of Albanians and supported the vote of no confidence in the Zaev Government in November, but after it failed, the Alternative quickly switched sides and joined the ruling coalition.

Yesterday, another smaller coalition partner – Pavle Trajanov of the DS party – also said that his and other smaller parties will leave the coalition if a key request they have – to change the electoral model – is not adopted quickly.