The Anti-Corruption Commission has decided to submit a motion to the Government to determine the responsibility of Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski in connection with an untimely decision to ban vehicle inspection services by legal entity “Via Komerc” station, where, after irregularities were found, vehicle inspection service was provided to “Besa Trans” company, whose bus was involved in an accident in Bulgaria which killed 45 Macedonian citizens and left seven injured.

The Anti-Corruption Commission determined that Spasovski did not act correctly, because after receiving the report from the inspectorate that carried out control and found irregularities in the operation of the station, he did not issue an order within the stipulated period for the station to remove the irregularities, but issued the order three months after the received report, that is, three days after the accident in Bulgaria.

In addition, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has already opened a case and a court process is being conducted for this case, and Anti-Corruption Commission will submit all the evidence it has as a supplement to the evidence in the prosecution.

It pointed out that it has not yet been established that the bus accident occurred due to a technical malfunction of the bus.