The State Anti-Corruption Commission (DKSK) called on President Stevo Pendarovski not to sign the proposed law tailor made to give exclusive right to the US Bechtel company to build several key highways in Macedonia.

DKSK protests the fact that the highways would be built in no-bid procedures, excluding competing offers that could bring down the price. 

Biljana Ivanovska from the Anti-Corruption Commission said that the law carries a huge risk of conflict of interests and “completely suspends the rule of law”. 

The law undermine key principles of our fight against corruption. If the law is adopted, we will use all tools at our disposal to investigate instances of corruption that stem from it, Ivanovska added.

Supported by the weight of US diplomacy, Bechtel wants to gain exclusive right to build the difficult Gostivar – Kicevo highway, which is expected to reach a huge price even in a competitive procedure, as well as the Bitola – Prilep and Struga – Kafasan highways.