The Anti-Corruption Commission calls for ending employment based on ethnicity. It claims that the law is being abused, and the institutions are silent about it. According to the commission, candidates lied about their ethnicity just to get the job. That’s how two people also got a job in the Anti-Corruption Commission, reports Sitel.

One candidate applies for five jobs and declares himself differently for three jobs in the same job ad, as required in the ad. Once Macedonian, then Albanian, then Roma. The other candidate declares himself a Turk. After checking all the data, it appears that they are currently employed in the public sector and have already declared their ethnicity once, one as a Macedonian, the other as an Albanian,” said Nuri Bajrami, a member of the Anti-Corruption Commission.

The Commission claims that these are not the only cases where candidates change their ethnicity to get the job. The director of the Administration Agency also had such information.

I urge him to come out publicly and say, because we have heard about such abuses, but if he knows more, it would be good to tell them in public, so that politics and all public office holders are aware that we are making people humiliate themselves and to lie to get a job, said Bajrami.