The Anti-Corruption Commission assumed the role of Kovacevski’s lawyer. They hastened to prematurely amnesty the deserter Kovacevski involved in the latest affair worth 26 million euros, said VMRO-DPMNE.

The party added that they did not indicate any procedure, arguments, or facts, but only indicated that, in their opinion, Kovacevski was not guilty.

This raises doubts that the Anti-Corruption Commission is just an extended arm that protects crime and amnesties corruption. After all, the anti-corruption institutions should not be surprised why the vast majority of citizens do not trust them. But Kovacevski failed the Anti-Corruption Commission and all his protectors by admitting that during the time he was in office, financial aid was paid to the company he founded, which is now fully owned by his godfather. With this, he practically confirmed all the VMRO-DPMNE press releases in which we said that while he was in office, the company “Pikcell” received money from the state and lucrative businesses. If this is not enough suspicion of a conflict of interests and trade in influence for the Anti-Corruption Commission, then indeed Macedonia is at a standstill with the fight against corruption, reads the party’s statement.