The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC) has  no tool at disposal by which it can make the institutions  and the officials to respect the initiatives and the measures, said Nuri Bajrami, member of the SCPC, responding to a question how far allong is the processing of the contract with Bechtel&Enka.

“The use of the “European flag” ( a Parliamentary system designed to fast-track the EU-related laws), adopting special laws that annul all other laws, adopting laws by summary procedures, is a political corruption that is happening to us. In each and every case, the SCPC points to certain irregularities – and that is it, everything goes on as it did. The point is that laws adopted by abusing the political will is contradictory to the European standards”, Bajrami added.

The SCPC informed that as soon as they provide the original version of the contract, their members with secularity licenses will review it and the publics will be informed.