From the creator of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office to his executioner – Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who 4 years ago was a strong advocate for the establishment of this institution, is the first to turn his back on Katica Janeva. According to law professor Dimitar Apasiev, the funeral of the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office will also be the end for the ruling SDSM. Apasiev is clear – the perpetrators in the Racket case undoubtedly had political backing, and the affair says it will soon spark a deep political crisis and early elections.

It is a matter of time when it will be revealed who the politicians are. I am especially referring to two female figures who are at the top of the ruling party and their relatives and friends. SPO’s funeral will also be the funeral of the ruling party as it is its project. VMRO-DPMNE was against this from the start and it is in their interest SPO to sink. We will now see if Katica Janeva will start talking and bring others with her, university professor Dimitar Apasiev told Alfa.