Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva, who was placed under house arrest on Tuesday, will stay in her son Lazar’s apartment in downtown Skopje.

This information would come as no surprise given that her son, though not yet indicted, is indirectly linked to the “Racket” affair and to Bojan Jovanovski’s 1TV.

Immediately after the case was made public, Lazar claimed to prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska that his mother had lost her phone in Belgrade.

But a few days later, the phone was found at the sister of Lazar’s girlfriend, who was employed at the SPO.

In early October, the Ministry of Interior searched 1TV premises and confiscated Janeva’s computer during the search, but no details have been disclosed so far.

Moreover, Janeva never concealed that her son was employed at 1TV and claimed that he was there because of his competence, not because of her friendship with Bojan Jovanovski.

A few days ago, businessman Orce Kamcev announced that he had filed criminal charges against the SPO’s ex-chief Katica Janeva, her son Lazar Janev and prosecutor Lile Stefanova. Vilma Ruskoska conformed the information for Fokus.