The archeologist from the Institute of Old Slavic Culture from Prilep, Branislav Risteski, warns that the process of adopting a plan for management and reanimation of the Markovi Kuli complex, as a natural rarity and a cultural entity, is stagnating.

Risteski, who in 2006 was actively involved in the adoption of the Law on the declaration of the complex as a cultural monument, believes that the process is a backward step.

He says that there was full support from the Ministries and institutions, but now it has been left neglected.

He adds that it is an exceptional area, significant in the Balkan and Mediterranean frameworks, which, according to him, is a mix natural and cultural values.

In the initial phase, there was full support from the competent Ministries. But unfortunately, the authorities these years do not recognize the idea of internationalizing this particularly significant cultural and natural, even as a touristic value. But it is allowed to build settlements in the zone of the complex. The complex, which is about 4,000 hectares, is gradually being destroyed due to lack of interest, and this will have huge consequences and losses for the natural and cultural heritage, says Risteski.