Army soldiers were ordered to remove the name Macedonia from their uniforms, Army sources told Republika. According to Republika’s information, last week, after reading the order at the morning parade, the garrisons were ordered to remove the inscription “Macedonia”, which is on the left side of the uniforms of the soldiers.

The reforms of Radmila Shekerinska are seen in action. After it was ordered to remove the name Macedonia, it was pointed out that if the order was not respected, there would be fines as well as other penalties. But this was not enough. After some of the soldiers refused to obey the order and did not remove the inscription, which is actually a velcro patch with the name tape, another measure followed – removal of the whole patch from the uniform itself so that the soldiers could not return the tape with the name “Macedonia” on their uniforms, says Republika’s source.

On July 3, President Stevo Pendarovski ordered the renaming of the Army of the Republic of Macedonia into the “Army of the Republic of North Macedonia”.