Skopje mayoral candidate Danela Arsovska resumed her campaign with VMRO leader Hristijan Mickoski today, and then with the newly elected Mayor of Aerodrom Timco Mucunski. Together with Mucunski, they presented their project to build a software hub for innovative companies in Aerodrom.

This is part of our vision for a modern Skopje. Our shared commitment is that this future center is the place where we will build the fastest growing industry in Skopje and provide jobs for the young people of Skopje, Arsovska said.

Arsovska beat her opponent Petre Silegov by about 8,000 votes and Mucunski demolished his SDSM opponent in Aerodrom with a margin of more than 2:1, and both are eager to build on their success to support Arsovska in the second round.