Venko Filipce is the most incompetent Healthcare Minister Macedonia has ever had, said Daniela Arsovska, director of the SSK chamber of commerce. Arsovska protested Filipce’s mishandling of the epidemic and inability to provide vaccines in time or in scale.

People are dying everywhere, people are fighting for their lives, they go to other countries to get vaccinated risking infection along the way, the economy is on the verge of collapse due to his incompetence, but today he shamelessly takes pictures with all the ambassadors over one box of vaccines, to celebrate this “major accomplishment”, Arsovska said.

Filipce staged an elaborate celebration at the Skopje airport today for the arrival of a batch of 24,000 Astra Zeneca vaccines. Macedonia had already used up all of the 11,000 vaccines it received prior – which came as donation from Serbia and a shipment of Sputnik V vaccines from Macedonia. Business associations organized a mass trip to Serbia this weekend to take the vaccines, after this country opened its vaccination centers for foreign citizens.