Skopje mayoral candidate Danela Arsovska attributed the allegations from the SDSM party – that she was allegedly not paying the electricity bills for a space her company rented – to the fact that she announced a thorough investigation of SDSM activities in the city hall. Arsovska denies that a company she managed owes any money.

People know that in my 42 years I have no blemish, personally or professionally. If I had, I would not have entered into this race, against shameless people who have been abusing the budget of the city of Skopje for years. Their fear comes from the fact that I announced I will review their work and show to the people where their money went over the past four years. I have credibility at the national and the international level, and I will not allow them to tarnish my name, Arsovska said, announcing slander charges against the SDSM party.

A major issue for her opponent, Petre Silegov from SDSM, is his move to sell the new city hall building to the EVN company. The 12 million EUR netted by the sale have not been put into the city budget and it is not clear what they are being used for or where they are kept.