These elections are not about politics. These elections are for our Skopje, for our life. These choices are for our everyday life, for our problems and above all for fast, quality and reliable solutions to those problems. Skopje does not need a politician with empty promises. Skopje needs a manager who will bring the solutions needed for our city to be more beautiful. After hundreds of conversations I had with you Skopje citizens, over the past two weeks while visiting every place in Skopje, my conclusion is that Skopje really needs change, said Danela Arsovska, the independent candidate for mayor of Skopje in her address at Tuesday’s rally in Skopje.

Arsovska said that instead of 11 million euros for new luxury offices spent by the outgoing mayor, those 11 million euros will be invested in the future of young people.

As Arsovska pointed out, part of those funds will be used for renovation of part of the old barracks in Aerodrom, which in cooperation with the Municipality of Aerodrom will be turned into a center for software engineering and a hub for innovative IT companies.

As Arsovska pointed out, such projects show the difference between a manager and a politician – the politician invests in offices and in his chair, and the manager invests in the future of his fellow citizens.