The Association “Borka – For every new day”, in cooperation with the largest European alliance of patient associations “Think PinkEurope” held Sunday in the Skopje city park an event as part of the breast cancer awareness campaign. The idea is to raise public awareness and support all those who have faced and are facing this insidious disease and to send a clear message about the importance of early diagnosis.

I welcome the initiative of the association “Borka – For every new day” and their selfless support and help to all women who have faced this disease. I am one of those women who won the battle with cancer and I wish everyone to win it. But this is not always the case, so I want to send a message that regular check-ups and early detection of the disease is very important. The disease does not choose years and gender. When I faced the disease I was very young, but still with the only thought that I had to win. No matter how difficult it is to learn the news, the most important thing is to face it quickly and fight the disease. Negative emotions must not prevail, although it is much easier to hear this than when you face it. However, the most important thing is the support, I had the support of the whole family and all my friends. That is why I selflessly give my support and I am always open to everyone who wants to talk to me about this, said Danela Arsovska, candidate for mayor of Skopje at the event.

Cancer patients must not be forgotten because of the pandemic and each of them deserves a personalized approach to therapy, access to latest innovative drugs and timely therapy.