Danela Arsovska, candidate for mayor of Skopje supported by VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition “For the Renewal of Macedonia” as well as the Albanian opposition Alliance for Albanians and Alternative sent another message on TV Alsat and explained why the people of Skopje should choose her to run the city of Skopje for the next 4 years, pointing out that the people of Skopje are fed up with false and empty promises, adding that her commitment is to make Skopje a better place to live.

I think that what we have seen in the past years is that the citizens of Skopje are fed up with politicians who only make empty promises that they do not fulfill and that is why I as a person, as a woman, as someone who has integrity, someone who is honest and responsible, and someone who is not a politician, I will commit myself to making Skopje a better place to live. I believe that I have the qualities and I know that I can manage the city well and I believe that everything that has proven to be poor management so far, that I will do well in the next 4 years as mayor of all Skopje, said Arsovska.