The independent candidate for mayor of Skopje supported by VMRO-DPMNE, Danela Arsovska denies having a Bulgarian citizenship, and  also that she was once called Daniela.

They know how to take a photo from a school yearbook where someone mistyped my name, and they do not know how to take a photo from my birth certificate. People please, I am Danela Arsovska born Macedonian from Macedonia, with grandfather Dane, I attended primary school in the school “Vlado Tasevski”, I went to the “Nikola Karev” high school in Skopje. I have lived here all my life, I respect all people and all religions. All people of any nationality, I am an Orthodox Christian, but I have friends of all nationalities and I believe that they will know how to choose what at this moment is the better solution than the one that should leave, said Arsovska.