VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson, Dimce Arsovski, spoke Monday on the ” Sto ne e jasno” show about the bad government policies, criminal affairs, as well as the current developments regarding the escape of Saso Mijalkov.

Arsovski emphasized that SDSM is incompetent, because they allowed an escape to happen to them for the second time, but this time, according to him, this escape seems well-orchestrated and in cooperation with SDSM, because during today there is no reaction from SDSM or by the Government.

The citizens demand responsibility from the Government in relation to this event, because if the country is run according to the practice shown to us by Zaev and Spasovski, then the facts show that Macedonian citizens have no security at all, ie that anyone can enter and leave the country whenever they want, regardless if they are part of any ongoing court cases, Arsovski said, adding that the Ministry of Interior in this case proved to be totally dysfunctional and unprofessional.

He said that after such events, the resignation of Zaev and Spasovski is inevitable, because they are directly responsible for this escape of Saso Mijalkov. Although they are probably making new scenarios and nothing is accidental, there must be accountability for such unserious approach to things, he said.