Five years of rule of SDSM and this government which, as we have seen, is nothing but wasteful and still has no trace or voice from the Clinical Center in Stip. Like every major capital project in the time of SDSM, this project will not see the light of day with them, said the spokesman of VMRO-DPMNE, Dimce Arsovski at Sunday’s press conference.

Five years have passed, and SDSM did do any work on the Clinical Center in Stip. After experiencing a huge defeat in the local elections and aware that they will leave the positions in the Government, Venko Filipce was the first to hurry and remember the Clinical Center in Stip, but not to build it, and to be for the benefit of the citizens, but for Venko Filipce to pay 2.5 million to the Greek Intrakat company that is building it, performing a serious operation where, according to media reports, several ministers from the SDSM government were involved, and pressure was exerted on the judiciary to unblock the account of the Intrakat company, which owes a debt to over 600 Macedonian subcontractors, said Arsovski.