As you can see, the investigation into the “Racket” case is a huge farce! We see the whole legal system collapsing under the pressure of corrupt politicians and prosecutors in front of our eyes. Instead of fighting crime and corruption, we are witnessing how all the instruments are being put in place to protect the mafia, says Dimce Arsovski, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson.

Today’s testimony by Katica Janeva is anything but professional conduct of the investigation aimed at revealing the perpetrators of abuse of institutions and the law for pressuring and racketeering innocent citizens. Janeva’s testimony is evidence that the investigation led by Vilma Ruskovska has been compromised. Katica Janeva comes to testify in the presence of a lawyer! And it was not anyone but the lawyer of one of the targets in the “Empire” case, a case constructed after the expiry of the SPO’s legal deadline, just to extort money from businessmen. There is no greater irony and no greater underestimation of citizens’ intelligence. If Katica Janeva wanted to help the investigation as she says, to get to the head of the octopus she would go alone, cooperate and tell everything she knew about those who ordered all the rackets. She doesn’t need a lawyer for that. She needs a lawyer only to cover up the loopholes and have control over everything she says, because apparently, Katica Janeva doesn’t have the capacity to go and testify before the prosecution alone, Arsovski stressed.

He says that it is clear that Vilma Ruskovska’s purpose is not to get to the octopus head.

Her purpose is to hide the traces that can lead directly to Zoran Zaev and Kiki, Friki and Sheki.

That is why Katica Janeva was given time to format phones and computers. That is why there are no records from the base stations where suspects Boki 13 and Zoran Milevski Kicheec were traveling with millions of euros with them. That is why there are no records from the base stations of the movement of Katica Janeva or Zoran Zaev. The whole public, both domestic and international, saw and heard the racketeering system of government in action. Everyone involved must be held accountable!, Arsovski said.