The spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE, Dimce Arsovski, announces that a new affair is in sight in which members of the Zaev family are involved.

According to Arsovski, although the Ministry of Interior is silent and in a panic, unofficial information says that in the police operation led by the United States’ Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), drugs worth 800,000 euros were seized in a white van with Greek license plates, owned by a company, which is a partner in the Bitola cannabis company “Medical 420”.

No coincidence, on the contrary, everything points to the family, which are already a cartel, the Zaev family and of course to the SDSM government, says Arsovski.

Arsovski points out that the public must get answers as soon as possible about the owners of the company in whose vehicle the drugs were transported and who is connected with it.

Let me be direct, is the van in which the drugs were seized owned by a company of the Zaev cartel? Arsovski asks.

Earlier, Aleksandar Pandov commented on the police operation in which the drugs were seized, saying that Prilep Police Chief Kire Cipsio (SDS) and Aleksandar, the driver of Trajce Zaev, Zoran Zaev’s cousin, were also arrested.