Instead of eradicating the nepotism epidemic as promised by Zoran Zaev about a year ago, it is still spreading with a growing pace, VMO-DPMNE’s Dimce Arsovski said at Saturday’s press conference.

The personal interest of SDSM officials is evident, aware that they are awaiting defeat, they rushed to employ and promote all those relatives unattended by the previous wave of nepotism. Stip, as one of the main examples of recurrence of the nepotism epidemic, is one of the leading cities that takes care of SDSM officials and their relatives. Today, for example, we will take Jane Milanov who is otherwise President of the Council of the Municipality Stip. Today, the municipality is not committed to work, and we all see that, and today all citizens will have the opportunity to learn that Jane was dedicated to taking care of his whole family. The wife of Jane Milanov, the President of the Council of the Municipality of Stip became the chief nurse of the Physical Therapy department in Stip. According to our information, Jane Milanov’s daughter became chief of the municipal Red Cross organization. Jane Milanov’s nephew from his sister is employed at PE Isar, which is under the direct authority of the municipality and the Council where Jane Milanov is President, emphasized Arsovski.

He adds that the nephew of Jane Milanov’s other sister, Mr Citkusev, who had his own private practice, was recently employed at the Clinical Hospital in Stip.

It seems that only Jane Milanov’s pets have remained not taken care of and he will probably take care of them in the future, Arsovski said.