Citizens feel numerous injustices on their skin and that is why the protests are becoming more massive. This government works only for the interests of the Zaev family and that is why the people decide to protest, the spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE, Dimce Arsovski, said in an interview with “Republika” ahead of Saturday’s major protest organized by VMRO-DPMNE.

The protests will continue in the coming period. Zaev can expect a hot fall. The people are mobilizing. They can no longer tolerate these injustices and the answer to that is today’s protest for the injustices that are happening, says Arsovski.

He believes that this government is collapsing in every area, in the economy, in the healthcare with the coronavirus crisis, and now we have a debacle with the beginning of the school year.

The results are catastrophic. The government has failed to handle the healthcare crisis and the economic one. Even the state of emergency was used only for abuses in favor of the government. We have 40,000 people who lost their jobs, and 100,000 people stayed at home not knowing if they would receive a salary because the state did not guarantee the economy that it would help it financially to overcome this crisis, adds Arsovski.

Arsovski is also convinced that there is no justice in Macedonia and that there cannot be with a prosecutor like Vilma Ruskoska.

There is not a single open case for all the scandals of the Prime Minister, which leads us to the conclusion that the Prosecutor’s Office of Vilma Ruskoska is under the direct command and alliance with Zoran Zaev. Non-existent cases are opened against VMRO-DPMNE, against our officials, Ruskoska sues VMRO-DPMNE for causing her health and mental pain, anger, but that entails something else and whether she is ready to lead the Prosecutor’s Office and be impartial. But you will not hear a single case open upon receipt of information about SDSM officials, Arsovski concludes.

Below is a video of the full interview conducted by journalist Igor Caveski.