SDSM has not distinguished in the past four years what is an innovation, and what is a waste of money on their party friends and comrades, reacts the spokesperson of VMRO-DPMNE, Dimce Arsovski.

The Innovation Fund, whose main job is to support innovation, science and similar work, does not work in the same capacity and direction for what was created. SDSM did not learn the lesson even after all those scandalous competitions, but that’s what is it. Such is their urge and that is their way of functioning.

And imagine, in the midst of the crisis we are in at the moment, SDSM and Kosta Petrov, instead of working for what they are paid, they are looking for pizza recipes from the ancient Romans that originated 2,000 years ago, to support them with a grant. And for that pizza, for that recipe, a company from Gostivar, where Kosta Petrov comes from, is given a grant of 2,400,000 denars, only for a company from Gostivar to apply the recipe, the old secret of the Romans from 2,000 years ago for making pizza.

While over 2,400,000 denars are awarded for a pizza recipe grant as if it is the biggest innovation, you can find the same recipe on dozens of search engines on the Internet. One can immediately find it on Google. It is only possible that  Kosta Petrov tried it, so he supported it. There is no other explanation. This is the most expensive pizza recipe that has been paid for in the Republic of Macedonia ever, Arsovski reacts.

He says innovation is not supporting a close person of interest, innovation has a completely different meaning. And there are many children innovators in the Republic of Macedonia who cannot even reach the Innovation Fund, he added.

This is just a waste of money on such projects with zero results, Arsovski said.