VMRO-DPMNE is in communication with political parties to secure parliamentary majority, spokesperson Dimce Arsovski told a press conference on Saturday.

Relations between VMRO-DPMNE and other parties, he added, are friendly.

Arsovski refused to comment whether party leader Mickoski is set to meet again with DUI’s Ali Ahmeti or whether they are holding government formation talks with other Albanian bloc parties.

What I can tell you is that [VMRO-DPMNE] president Mickoski had one meeting with DUI leader Ali Ahmeti. The one-hour meeting, during which they touched on several topics, took place in Parliament. The public will be timely informed once new information becomes available, the spokesperson told reporters.

Regarding Friday’s meeting between SDSM and DUI secretaries Ljupcho Nikolovski and Artan Grubi, Arsovski said that information they agreed to form a government are false and asked SDSM once again which are the parties of the new majority.

I call on media to ask SDSM which are the parties of the new majority, they’ve been claiming they’ve formed for the past three days. As we can see their coalitions last only several hours, so I’m asking once again for them to reveal which parties and MPs will form the new parliamentary majority. If they don’t we can write this off as another one of SDSM’s attempts to manipulate citizens, Arsovski said.