Zoran Zaev is nothing buta  thief and a brutal liar. Zoran Zaev is the man who deprived the Republic of Macedonia of its identity and dishonored the Macedonian people, only for his personal interests. Instead of hiding behind hopeful statements he makes these days, Zoran Zaev should answer a few things that interest the public. Instead of being silent and acting like a coward where he will try to stab the citizens in the back again and harm them even more, let him dare and speak publicly about the whole problem, the way and the course of negotiations with the eastern neighbor, VMRO-DPMNE’s spokesperson, Dimce Arsovski, said at Tuesday’s press conference.

Yesterday, the public learned from his coalition partner that the Government of Zoran Zaev had made an offer to the Bulgarian side to unblock the integrations. Knowing the views and red lines of the Bulgarian government, we want to ask Zoran Zaev and he must immediately answer what is the offer that the Government of Zaev gave to the Bulgarian side? What is Zoran Zaev giving up and what harm do the citizens and the state suffer due to his offer for a new agreement and unblocking of the integrations? Why is he trying again to manipulate the citizens with something he did not promise, and now offers it to deprive them of their identity even more? What has Zoran Zaev offered in that new offer? Before the elections, he said that the agreement with Bulgaria was the best agreement that could be concluded and why is there now any need for new offers that no one knows what they contain?, he asked.

According to Arsovski, apart from selling national interests, there is information that Zoran Zaev has promised and has made other concessions to the Bulgarian side, including selling state capital to Bulgarian companies and businessmen like a major bank, state share in Telekom, the railway etc.