Nothing can wash away the luxury of Zoran Zaev and his advisers in the government cabinet. Over 20,000 euros every month go to the net salaries of Zoran Zaev’s advisers, 23 people for whom none of the citizens knows what they work and what they spend the money of the citizens on, accuses the spokesman of VMRO-DPMNE, Dimce Arsovski.

That is over 240,000 euros per year that the citizens give for the advice of 23 people that they give to Zaev, and the result of that advice is catastrophic as we can see in the past three years. Either they do not know how to advise him and it is a bad personnel policy, which is more likely, or Zoran Zaev does not have the capacity to understand what they advise and lead the country, which in practice proved to be true, he said.