Even after almost three weeks since the tragedy in Tetovo, in which 14 patients died in the fire in the modular hospital, the investigation has no details, which makes the chances of locating the omission smaller and less credible.

What can be confirmed with certainty is that there were no fire extinguishers in the building, something that was noticed immediately because the whole modular hospital burned down in three minutes, and there was nothing for anyone to try to put out the fire with.

Now, the note sent by the joint services to the clinics from a week ago, has shown that the building of surgical clinics within the “Mother Teresa” clinic complex does not have a fire fighting system, ie the renovation violated all safety measures.

The head of the joint services of the clinics, Mexhit Asani notified them that after a detailed inspection, it was determined that the old fire alarm system is out of use due to the renovation of the clinics, ie that all cables have been cut.

Due to this situation, we inform you to procure a new fire alarm system so that in the future deviations and fires do not occur, reads the note sent from the director of joint services Asani to the surgery clinics.