Real horror at the State Clinic of Neurology. A Tetovo family, who addressed the Kurir, sent an appeal for help to save their mother, who instead of an emergency operation, was discharged home from the Neurology Clinic, after contracting the coronavirus in the hospital.

The clock is ticking to save our mother’s life, say the relatives of the patient who are asking for help from Minister Filipce and the authorities from the clinic.

The patient from Tetovo, a woman, mother of two children, with a diagnosed brain tumor in critical condition, lies motionless at the Neurology Clinic in Skopje and waits 12 days for surgery.

Instead of surgery, for which she had previously had two negative coronavirus tests, the patient contracted the virus at the Clinic, after which her family was called to take her home, informing them that the patient will have the surgery.

The audio shows that the patient’s relatives are outraged that they are being asked to sign a discharge list stating that the family has agreed to take her. The patient’s son says that his mother could not agree to that because she is not conscious, and he did not sign such a thing. The doctor instructs them to talk to the director of the clinic who would be at work from Monday.