The “Axios” Institute conducted a poll in the period October 2-6 on a stratified sample in each municipality / City of Skopje in the Republic of Macedonia separately in terms of demographic environment and number of inhabitants in the municipality / City of Skopje. The poll was commissioned by the Institute for Sociological Research, Logos initiative.

The poll on the rating of the political parties related to the local elections was conducted on a sample of 1,345 respondents on the entire territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

The latest poll conducted by the Axios Institute, shows a visible increase in the rating of the coalition led by VMRO-DPMNE by 1 percent compared to SDSM and their coalition. Also, the poll conducted on the territory of the city of Skopje increased the lead by 0.9 percent of the independent candidate, Danela Arsovska, over her opponent Petre Silegov from SDSM and the coalition.

The margin of error of the poll is about 2%.