The Alliance for Albanians constantly expresses its dilemmas and remarks about Speaker Talat Xhaferi management in the Parliament, but there is still no concrete answer whether or not it will support the initiative of VMRO-DPMNE to recall Xhaferi. Alliance for Albanians MP, Elmi Aziri, said on the “Patot kon” show that their parliamentary group will discuss this issue and then make a concrete decision, Alsat TV reported.

According to Alsat TV, Elmi Aziri said that the Alliance for Albanians has been under constant pressure, or aspiration to be boycotted, to be removed from public opinion by Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi.

The public followed the ongoing debates and clashes of the coordinator of our parliamentary group Ilire Dauti with Parliment Speaker Xhaferi, due to the aspiration to deny the right of the MPs of the Alliance for Albanians to speak. It is an autocratic leadership of Talat Xhaferi and we can rightly say that he is the president of the DUI MPs, and in no way is he the president of all MPs in the Parliament of Macedonia, due to the party segregation he made. The Alliance for Albanians is an opposition party and based on our position we will discuss in our parliamentary group and make a decision, said the MP.