Skender Rexhepi, member of Parliament for the Alternative party, said that they could again change their minds about participating in the SDSM – DUI led Government, if Macedonia does not get a date to open its EU accession talks.

The Alternative did a U-turn in November, moving from the opposition Albanian bloc and supporting the vote of no confidence in Zaev’s Government, to open negotiations with Zaev and agree to enter his Government, in exchange for a “king’s ransom” of three departments, including the Healthcare Ministry. But Rexhepi now says that the deal, which still hasn’t been put before Parliament, could fail.

We can expect that the country is given a date to open EU accession talks at the end of December, but chances for that are slim. Still, there is the January option and that will come under the new Government. If that doesn’t happen, Alternative will need to seriously question its position on policy-making as part of the Government. I say it clearly, this (EU accession talks) is one fo the key positions and if we see that it’s unlikely to happen, then we need to see what he will do next, Rexhepi told the Albanian language “Lajm” newspaper.