There is no room for panic, there will be no price shocks, the country has sufficient quantities of food products and oil derivatives in its commodity reserves. There is no need to activate them for the time being, considering that manufacturers of these basic products have supplies for a period of over 35 days, not including the days covered by the commodity reserves, said Economy Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi on Tuesday.

He urges all traders to respect the government decision on trade margins because, as he pointed out, no one will lose from it and the consumers, ie the citizens of the country will gain the most.

According to Bekteshi,  analysis shows that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is unlikely to directly affect the Macedonian economy, given the trade exchange.

The crisis can cause indirect impact, especially in the energy area because we are directly related to over 70% of trade with the EU, but we take all appropriate measures on a daily basis to avoid price shocks, especially for key products that are most important to consumers and our citizens, said the Minister.