The people are waking up, demanding the resignation of Zoran Zaev and the criminal mafia government. We will not allow the sale of the Macedonian national interests and the disintegration and destruction of the dignity of the Macedonian people. We demand immediate termination of the negotiations with Bulgaria, the Macedonian language, Macedonian identities and Macedonian history are not up for debate, we will not allow national humiliation, Mane Jakovlevski said at Friday’s anti-government protest in Pehcevo.

VMRO-DPMNE protests are taking place in 20 cities, and the citizens are increasingly coming out and demanding the resignation of Zoran Zaev, because as they say they have no other country, Macedonia is their only fatherland and here they want to build their and their children’s future.

The President of Youth Force Union Sergej Popov, at the protest in Berovo called on all young people to take to the streets and demand the resignation of Zaev, ie as he said we young people want a dignified life like all young people in Europe and the world, not a life offered by SDSM and Zaev.

I call on all young people in the coming period to come out and join us in the protests, all we want is a dignified life and a secure future, not what the government and Zaev offer us, a sale of the Macedonian language and history, says Popov.

The people of Kocani are of the same opinion, and the MP from VMRO-DPMNE Mile Lefkov told the protest that there’s no giving up until Zaev resigns, VMRO-DPMNE remains on the streets.

We stay on the streets, as much as we are. We demand Zaev’s resignation and there is no giving up. Nobody has the right to negotiate about our past, our Macedonian history, our Macedonian language and our identity. We are not asking for anything that is foreign, we are just asking for this shameful humiliation of the Macedonian people and all the citizens who live here to stop. Zoran Zaev must leave for Macedonia to move forward. Enough of defeats and failures and national humiliation. Resignation now before it’s too late, said Lefkov.