Considering the fact that the Besa Movement during this period has been presented as a very serious political entity and with a transparent approach throughout the entire process of North Macedonia towards the Euro-Atlantic structures, and given that this process can be damaged if a new crisis is created in the institution President of the State, the Besa Movement as one of the main opposition political actors, urges all voters of the Besa Movement, that is, the citizens, to go out on May 5 and to exercise their right to vote, respecting their individual convictions. It is important for the Besa Movement that North Macedonia chooses a president, rather than create a new institutional crisis that will slow down the country’s integration processes towards NATO and the EU, BESA said in a press release.

Moreover, due to the delegitimization of the Albanian political factor in the government, despite the election epilogue on May 5, the Besa Movement urges the parliamentary majority to immediately call early parliamentary elections, thus the political reality of the representation of Albanians in North Macedonia will be reflected in the mandates of Albanian MPs in the Parliament, reads BESA’s press release.