Macedonia’s journey to the European Union is made more difficult every day, not because of the conditions that are set, but more because of this government fault that has failed the exam in implementing reforms and setting European standards in the country and society, the Besa movement said.

Reading carefully the “NON-PAPER” delivered by France and published by some media in the country, we can conclude that the road to EU membership is difficult but not impossible.

Unfortunately, this government majority failed to reform the main pillar of the state, the judiciary. That is why the Besa Movement proposes to establish a State Commission for Judicial Reforms, a commission that will directly and decisively involve experts from the United States and the EU.

As for the other pillars that require harmonization of standards and European values, we believe that a similar model should be applied as the above-mentioned commission, as this is the only way to ensure that the state goes forward with substantial reforms that will facilitate the road to the EU, the Besa Movement said.