We have managed to double the number of MPs seats and we will have four lawmakers in the next Parliament. Coalition ‘We Can’ made the difference and secured the win, said BESA secretary-general Arijanit Hoxha on Thursday.

SDSM and BESA will undoubtedly form the government for the next four years, and our objective is to continue on the road to EU integration and maintaining the country’s western orientation, relying on our allies – United States and EU members, Hoxha told a press conference.

According to him, numbers and wins are sometimes not important but being on the right side.

BESA has the numbers and the win, but also is part of the option supported by the majority of citizens, the option that guarantees EU integration, economic development and an equal state for all, based on the partnership among Albanians, Macedonians and other ethnic communities, added Hoxha.

Asked about the preferred party of ethnic Albanians as coalition partner, the BESA spokesperson said they expected the final results, upon which they would make decisions.