Arianit Hoxha, from the BESA party, said that they are still examining the announcement of their coalition partners SDSM and DUI that they are forming a coalition for the coming municipal elections.

BESA wants to challenge DUI for the mayoral seat in the largest Albanian majority city in Macedonia – Tetovo – and it warned SDSM not to support DUI in the first round of the elections. BESA threatened Zaev to bring down his Government if he supports the DUI candidate outright, and Zaev did not specify what his party will do in Tetovo even as he was announcing the coalition with DUI.

It was a very broad statement on their part, that in some areas they will support each other in the first round, and elsewhere in the second round. We won’t comment before we know for sure. We are running in the elections by ourselves, Hoxha said.