The sentences in the “International Association” case are extremely vindictive, Bojan Jovanovski’s father, Mile Jovanovski told TV Alfa.

He says there is no basis for high sentences. According to him, this is a fabricated case, and that a “witch hunt against Bojan by Don Zaev” is being conducted.

Ruskovska’s prosecution and Dzolev’s court are captured institutions, says Jovanovski, who announced a lawsuit in Strasbourg.

Asked who is bothered by what Boki is saying, Jovanovski answered:

Mostly Zaev. I do not know everything that happened, but he would not come up with something fake. The whole burden is on Bojan. He had a lot of trust in Zaev. He told him everything. He even had permission from him for a Macedonian “Insider” that was to be broadcast on 1TV, and I think it all started with the Macedonian “Insider”, says Bojan’s father.

He added that Bojan was tortured while in prison.